Alinash – Dalaran

Alinash Brightblaze scurried back to the cheap inn he had rented a room in.  He had been honest about that.  I hate being honest.  He had already paid for the night here.  He didn’t feel like wasting gold, although he wasn’t quite in need of it as he had made out.  The other elf had wanted to know how he knew of the company, and why he wanted to work for him.  Alinash hadn’t expected that, but neither had he really known what he should expect.  Every other job he had, which added up to a grand total of two now, they had sought out him.  There were no such questions when his first boss took him aside, in an alley, and told Alinash he had the skill set that he looked for in his employees.  I hate questions.  It had been easier that way.

His primary objective was to get information on the company.  He ran into the man by chance at the lounge, and decided to talk to him, posing as someone interested in work.  That was when the questions started.  Alinash had meant to be the one questioning, and he did get some in, but not before having to make up some quick answers.  I hate quick answers.  I hate lying.  As they continued talking, Alinash thought he might actually not hate working for the man.  Perhaps it was worth it to travel to Orgrimmar and find this Fnar Dawnglory.  Maybe not.  I hate orcs.

At least he didn’t ask my age.  Alinash usually lied about that, and usually his lie still wound up being too young by most people’s standards.  I hate standards.  I hate age.  I hate people.  I hate being young.  Alinash would say he was older mentally because he grew up mostly taking care of himself.

He took the bag of coins out of his cloak pocket.  100 gold.  The other elf had just given it to him, an advance on his first work, or if things didn’t work out, he was to think of it as a gift.  A gift.  Alinash put the bag of coins on the tiny table in the room, and sat.  He stared at it.  A gift.  The word repeated in his mind.  He wasn’t sure how he felt about it.  He hadn’t been the recipient of many gifts in his life.  However, if he did wind up working for the man, then it wasn’t a gift, but an advance.  Still, the word stuck with him.  He frowned at the bag, puzzled by what it meant.

He blinked and sighed.  It means nothing.  People gave each other gifts all the time, right?  Normal people anyway.  I hate normal.  He reached into his satchel that he had packed for the trip, and took out his paper and ink.  He started writing.


I have some information on the man whom you wanted me to investigate.  As you may notice I’m writing from Dalaran.  I started my search in Silvermoon.  As I went through the records, I quickly learned that he currently lives here in Dalaran, and runs a successful business, Morningstar Enterprises.  I continued my search here.

He is adopted.  His birth mother was a Silvermoon whore.  His adoptive parents obvious in a better position to care for him than his mother.  He owns two properties in Silvermoon.  One of them was inherited from a woman whom he was engaged to.  The other was inherited from a man whom only died just recently and left him everything.  He also owns a large home in Dalaran, where he has one of his offices.  There is another office in Orgrimmar and yet another in Stormwind.

He has been married once, engaged a few times, and currently lives with a kaldorei mate.  I found out they are planning a wedding.  His first marriage ended in divorce when his wife left him for an orc, of all things.  The one woman whom he was engaged to who died, committed suicide here in Dalaran.  Her father turned up missing shortly after.  I could find no evidence that he was involved in the suicide or the disappearance of the father.  Another engagement has only just recently ended.  This one was to a death knight.

There are four children whom have been seen at his home, all boys.  All of them look to be kaldorei at first glance, but if you look closer the oldest two are described as having sin’dorei-like features, including a slight green tint to their eyes, and shorter, thinner ears.  The younger two, while they have been seen with him, do not appear to be half-breeds.

The company that he runs employs a wide variety of people, from those who gather skins, to artisans.  They also do mercenary and bounty hunter work.  He has employees both in Orgrimmar and Stormwind, as well as Dalaran.  I have expressed interest in working for him, and will be going to Orgrimmar soon.  I have rented a box in Dalaran.  If you need to contact me, you can write me there.

– A.B.

He took another glance at the bag on the table as he waited for the ink to dry.  I hate waiting for ink to dry.  Alinash’s name hadn’t been sullied yet.  He had never been caught.  From what the elf had told him, they work in a way that they don’t get bad names for contract killing.

Working for him might not be so bad.  Alinash folded the letter and headed out to mail it.



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3 responses to “Alinash – Dalaran

  1. Aw no come on then Harrier will hate him too D:

  2. ROTFL – you have to admit that Fnor knows how to sweeten the pot to get new employees sold on the idea of working for him.

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