Theronil – Theronil’s Log

A lot has happened last night and today.  I’ll start with last night.

Sath’alor came to visit.  I really didn’t care to see nor talk to him.  I think he might have been drunk.  He had been at the lounge, so I guess it’s possible that he had too much to drink.  I guess the mage I had hired to transport Isandri was there with one of his friends too.  I spoke to him this morning and he confirmed that much.

I’m getting ahead of myself.

Anyway Sath’alor was saying how Sanimir had said some awful things about Isandri, and that he shouldn’t be doing her portals.  I told him I’d see about it.  I know Sath has a tendency to exaggerate things sometimes, and the kid always seemed okay to me, so first thing in the morning, I went to see the mage.

I caught him fairly early, but I wasn’t the only one there.  He has an older sister who is also a mage and lives in Dalaran.  From what I understand, she isn’t his only sister, but she is the only that is in Dalaran.  She was there visiting him.  I told her I could wait, but she insisted on knowing what I wanted to talk to him about.  I tried to be vague.  I didn’t want to cause her any alarm, so I said it was about something that might have happened in the lounge late last night.

She laughed.

I asked her what was funny, and she said she had checked in on Sanimir early last night and he was already asleep.

Sanimir spoke up then and said that he was at the lounge, but Isandri’s brother was there and he wasn’t acting very “stable”, as he put it.  He said he left because his friend was edging the crazy guy on.

I had to smile.

I asked him if his friend had ever said anything that he shouldn’t about Isandri.  He said he couldn’t think of anything, but he’d tell me if he did.

I asked him what his friend was edging Sath’alor on about, and he suddenly seemed to get really nervous and kept looking at his sister.  He said it was because they were talking to Kes, which I almost believed.  I felt it wasn’t the whole truth.  I don’t think his sister quite bought it either, by the look on her face.

I left then, but I waited outside around the corner.  Luckily, his sister left by the door instead of teleportation so I was able to talk to him again after she left.  I hope I hadn’t caused him too much trouble.  I guess he’s quite a bit younger than most people expect from a sin’dorei mage, only in his early 90’s, and his sister keeps close tabs on him.  He seems mature though.

He admitted after his sister left that he and his friend had made plans with Kestrae to visit the Azure Dragonshrine.  His sister doesn’t know he’s leaving Dalaran during the day.  He also said that Kestrae was going to ask Sath’alor to come after they knew when they would be going.  I remember nodding.  I was pretty sure I heard a similar story before.  Anyway he said his friend started in on Sath and basically told him off for trying to control who Kestrae’s friends are.  Yes, a very familiar story.

Sanimir said he left then.  He didn’t want any part in any fight, which he believed was going to happen the way the two of them were going, and with his sister watching him like that, I don’t blame him.  He said if anything was said about Isandri, he wasn’t there for it.

They were going to go to the Azure Dragonshrine anyway, but Sanimir said it was too late to go then.  He said Aeramin might be at the landing waiting.  I went with him there to check.  He wasn’t there.  Sanimir said he might be at his home.  I wanted to talk to him and see what his side of the story was.  We checked his home and he wasn’t there either.  Then we checked the library.  He wasn’t there.  My leg had started hurting so I went home to rest.  I think Sanimir stayed in the library.  I should write to his sister, and tell her everything is okay, and that her brother didn’t do anything.

I won’t mention the dragonshrines to her.

I’m really sick of Sath’alor’s melodramatizations.  He out-right lied to me about Sanimir.  Next time he knocks on my door in the middle of the night, I’m not answering.



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2 responses to “Theronil – Theronil’s Log

  1. Pff like he’d admit to anything with Thero right there XD

  2. Darn, missed some more fun. I so have to start hanging out at the lounge more often.

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