Latahlali – Fire

It was early morning when Latahlali Ashclaw chose a quiet corner of the park and set her satchel down in the grass.  She sat down next to her satchel and took a book out.  She smoothed out her robe, and began to read.  She had been able to conjure sparks that almost formed a ball of fire for over a week now, but still had not succeeded in truly conjuring fire.  Different techniques worked for different people.  She had been reading up on different ways of conjuring fire, hoping to find the technique that was right for her.  So far, none had worked beyond adding more sparks.

The book she had brought with herself this morning, proved to be promising.  She had read some of it the previous day, and thought the sparks had come closer to forming the ball of flame that she had been trying for when she practiced what she had read.

It certainly seemed it would be worth it to read the more in-depth chapters.  She read through a few of the pages before reaching for her wand.  She stood facing the wall that bordered the park.  It was a large stone structure that circled the whole of Dalaran, and judging from the marks on this particular section, it had been used as a target for an apprentice’s practice more than once.  Of course, Latahlali didn’t hope to actually be able to fling balls of fire at the wall, not yet, but the wall being there was a good precautionary measure, just in case something did happen.  She would just be happy if she could get a ball of fire to form and stay in form for a few seconds.  She had no idea how she could make fire move.  That would be in the next lesson.  For now, her only task was to conjure it.

She whispered the words and concentrated, using some of the techniques she had just read about.  Sparks flew near her hands.  She said the words again, louder this time.  She bit her lip as the sparks fizzled out.  She tried again, trying to move her hands while visualizing the fire, just as described in the book.  More sparks, more than before, jumped around her hands before fading.  It was improvement.  She kneeled down, and looked at the book again, opening it to the page she had marked.  She reread one of the paragraphs, and nodded to herself before standing again.

She concentrated and said the words.  Sparks began to appear near her hands, a lot more, then flame, then…


The voice came from close behind her.  A voice she recognized.  She jumped, and turned at once.  Startled, she had forgotten momentarily what she was conjuring, as she turned to face the man whom had spoken her name.  Her grandfather had little time to react as the small fireball hit his shoulder before dissipating.  He was knocked off-balance, but caught himself before falling, using one of the park benches to steady himself.

She stared partially in disbelief that was her fireball and a bit stunned that her grandfather had come to see her.  She had written twice in the past month and a half and hadn’t heard anything back from him.

He stood, looking at the hole in his shirt.  He poked a finger at the burnt thread around it.  “Impressive.”

“Oh!  I’m so sorry.  Are you okay?”  Lali asked as her surprise faded.  She ran to him and started looking at the hole in the shirt.  “You’re burned.”

He looked again.  “A little.”  He said with a slight frown.

“Oh, we should go to the healer.”  She turned and grabbed her book and satchel off of the ground.

“It’s not that bad.”  He remained still, as she tried to lead him out of the park.

“I wasn’t expecting you.  I’m so sorry.”  She frowned, giving up on getting him to follow her to the healer. “Why haven’t you written?”

“I ran out of ink.”

“I’m sure they have some at that permanent camp there.”

“They probably do, but they’re also the only transport out of the basin.  They won’t let me ride out if I’m stealing things from them.”

Lali raised a brow, “Then buy it.”

Vael frowned.  “You know I don’t use gold much.”

“Aren’t there any orcs there who you can steal from?”  Lali asked, remembering how he ‘found’ money in Ashenvale.

“Only one and he only had enough to pay for the round trip here and back.  I hoped to stay for a few days if I can find a place to stay.”  Vael looked at her expectantly.

“I’ll talk to Raleth about it later.  I was just practicing now.”  She blinked, “Did you see it?”

“I felt it.”  He twitched an ear and walked around to the other side of the bench.  He sat sideways on it.  “Finish your practice.  I’ll stay over here where it’s safe.”




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2 responses to “Latahlali – Fire

  1. Oh just who Raleth wanted to see!

  2. Great!! Vael shows up finally and Lali tries to set him on fire. Brings a whole new meaning to the words “Warm Welcome.” – thanks for the great read.

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