Sanimir – Notes

Notes on the Emerald Dragonshrine

– Little green “gems” on the ground all over.  Aeramin thought they were possibly bird poop.  I think they’re too hard and angled to be poop.  It would hurt.  Aeramin pointed out that they aren’t normal birds.  They aren’t, but I don’t think they can poop like that.  We I took some home to study.

– Large green birds.  There were a number of large green birds flying about the shrine.  Aeramin asked if I wanted to bring one home to study.  He never lets up.  I did look around for some stray feathers, but I didn’t find any.  The birds are really a sight to see.  They’re all green and dreamy looking.

– Warm!  It was very warm there.  I didn’t even need to wear my cloak.  A light rain fell for some of the time we were there.  Rain in Dragonblight!  There were trees and grass and plants and some extremely large flowers.  They were bigger than an elf!

– Numerous green fuzzy things in the air.  I think they were fuzzy.  I didn’t actually get to touch them.  There were in all parts of the Dragonshrine and persisted when it rained.  They would appear and disappear, then reappear again.  I tried to catch one.  I’m sure it was in the jar, but it hasn’t reappeared since.

– Wisp?  I think it was.  Aeramin doesn’t think so.  I’ve never seen one before, but neither has he either.  It sparkled a lot.

– Southern end of the shrine.  The shrine borders the sea to the south.  Aeramin and I walked there.  There’s a large broken bridge that goes out into the water.  It was really quite amazing to see.

– Bones.  Many large dragons died there.  Some looked extremely large.  Aeramin wanted to go to the island with one on it, but we needed to get back about then.

– The Azure Dragonshrine is very close by.  Aeramin and I could both feel the power emanating from it.  I want to go there next.  While we were leaving, a blue dragon flew right over us.  I thought we were going to die.

We spoke with Kestrae at the lounge last night.  She thinks it might have been a wisp too.  She also said that her guy, Sath, befriended one of the birds once.  He should know if it’s poop or something else.  I thought it might be something from the dream.  I asked her to ask the kaldorei if Sath didn’t know.  They should know about dream stuff.  She said she knows a few here in Dalaran.

We’ve returned to the Emerald Shrine today.  Aeramin brought some books.  He thinks that reading about the Azure Shrine is going to make it safer.  I think they probably don’t always stay in the same place.  We should use our eyes and common sense to go there.  I did agree to come back here though to see if it helped the green fuzzy in my jar reappear.  Nothing’s happened yet.  I’ll keep watching.  I know I caught it.


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  1. I like being able to read about the shrines and hear the interpretations from someone else. It’s an awesome read as always.

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