Art – Preview

Guess who I’m drawing.  It’s my first time seriously drawing him.  I’m happy with how he looks so far.

It’s about time.



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3 responses to “Art – Preview

  1. He’s looking good, but you may want to change his hand so that only two fingers grip the bowstring. It makes for a cleaner release. The Olympic types these days have a litttle device to hold and release the string.

    • 🙂 I noticed that myself, having done a fair bit of archery practice in my teens, I didn’t think it looked right to have the three fingers there. The reference image I’m using has three. I utterly fail at fingers, but I think it may be worth it to try to improvise the hand pose just a little to fix it since others are noticing too. Thanks!

  2. It’s looking good and I always enjoy your artwork

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