Latahlali – Letter

Dear People who stay at the camp in Sholazar Basin,

Hi!  I don’t know any of your names so I can’t address this to anyone in particular.  I hope you don’t mind!  You don’t know me either, but you might know someone I know.

I’m writing because I am looking for news on my grandfather.  He has recently moved to the basin, and had mentioned coming to your camp for supplies.  I haven’t heard from him at all in the past month and was wondering if he had come to the camp to pick up the letters that I’ve sent, or if anyone had heard from or seen him.  His name is Vaelarian Ashclaw.  He’s kaldorei, about average height, and strong.  He has long teal hair.  He usually wears it pulled back in a ponytail, and he has a long beard that usually gets a bit scruffy looking.  He has wrinkles because he’s really old.  He has a crocolisk tooth on a leather string around his neck.

I’m really worried because I haven’t heard from him.  Maybe you could send someone to look for him, but I’m not sure where his camp is.  I think it must be somewhere around crocolisks.

Let me know if you know anything!

Thank you!
– Latahlali Ashclaw


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