OOC – Screenshots

I haven’t posted screenshots in a while so here they are.  You’re getting them all at once.

Lali babysits murlocs. She should totally bring one home to Raleth. “Can we keep it?”

Aww, my baby dk tank feels loved.

Teniron got his first epic at level 50, Sul’thraze the Lasher!

Alinash and Suuri? They met at McDonalds for free WiFi, I guess. She was a priest I believe.

Speaking of Alinash… He’s a beast.

I laughed.

Another page of that same one. I laughed some more.

A different one. I giggled.

Theronil’s Night Elf Form!

Sanimir’s ugly human form!

Sanimir kills everything. Level 79 dps.

Sanimir dings 80.

How did he not have that before?


Sometimes you expect an achievement, but you don’t expect your character’s expression on the screenshot. He looks very happy.

I’ve been farming this thing so long it’s about time one of them got it. Thankfully in MoP, my mount collector, whom farmed it the most, will get it as well. He’ll also, finally, get the kodo and headless horseman’s mount. And Attumen’s mount. 🙂


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