Latahlali – Diary Book

Dear Diary Book,

I’ve been so busy helping Daemah with the kittens.  I haven’t really gotten out much in the past week.  A few nights ago, Raleth suggested that I might get more practice in the park.  Well, he didn’t say it quite like that, but I know the kittens have been distracting at home, and I know he knows that too.  So I figure that must be why he suggested that I go practice in the park.

Anyway, I didn’t get practice done there either.  When I got there, Isandri was sitting off to the side in the grass, and then Kes saw us there and joined us, and then Amyn showed up too!  We all sat in the grass and talked for a bit.

Amyn and I are going to Stormwind after the weekend.  I’m excited, but it’s kind of scary at the same time.  We might have to stay a night, and I’m going to miss Raleth so much if we do.  Kes and I were talking about it and I’m going to see if I can find a book for her there.  Stormwind is bigger so they must have more books.  And humans don’t live very long so they must have lots of books so they can have ideas to have babies before they die.  Amyn has some business to take care of there, I think, but the rest of the time we’ll be shopping.  Hopefully, we can find a dress for her wedding.

Oh, everyone’s having weddings now!  I wonder if I started that?

Amyn is going to marry Fnor in a sin’dorei ceremony.  Isandri is going to marry Theronil, and she has the most beautiful engagement ring.  Kestrae also has a new ring.  She showed me last night at the lounge, which was the other time I got out this week.  It’s a beautiful ring too.  It isn’t quite as flashy as Isandri’s, but it has a delicate soft look to it.  Okay, so rings probably aren’t ever soft because they’re metal, but I mean the colors are soft.  It has a pretty purple stone set in silver.  Compared to Isandri’s which has, I think, diamonds and rubies, in a gold ring, it’s definitely more soft looking.  I think it’s the nicer of the two rings, but maybe I just like less flashy rings.  The little details on both are just lovely.

Kestrae said that she and Sath are talking about eloping.  I wanted to go to their wedding, but I guess eloping isn’t the same, so I wouldn’t be able to go.  She did say she would tell me when!



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