Sanimir – Study Time


“Well what?”  Sanimir slid into his seat at one of the tables in the discussion room.  The library had set aside this one room for young mages to gather and study.  Talking here was encouraged, as mages just out of their apprenticeship would often come here to further their studies by sharing techniques and information.  Sanimir was one of them.  His friend, Aeramin, had finished his apprenticeship earlier this year.  Sanimir was happy that he was able to join him in this room.

“Is she hot?”  Aeramin closed the book he had been reading.

“It’s not like that.”

“But is she?”

Sanimir rolled his eyes.  “Yes, very, but…”

“I knew it!”  Aeramin exclaimed.  A couple of mages at the next table glanced over.  One of them flicked an ear before returning to their own discussion.  Aeramin didn’t seem to notice.  “I would have said yes to a job like that.  I wish he had asked me first.”

“She’s very beautiful, but I believe the man with the limp is her lover.  She said it was complicated, but he’s given her a ring.”

“They’re probably arranged.  You know arranged marriages usually end up very open.”

“I need the job.  I don’t need to be fired by the jealous boyfriend.”

“If it’s arranged, he probably doesn’t care.”  Aeramin leaned back in his seat.

“I’d rather not take that chance.  Maybe you’re content to live off your parents forever, but I’m ready to be independent.  I need work.”

“I’d at least ask her to supper.  I doubt he’d find out.  Didn’t he even say that sometimes she would be later than others, and you might have to wait?  That means he doesn’t expect her back at a certain time, right?”

“Aeramin!  I’d rather not risk my only work at the moment just so I can have supper with a hot girl.  That doesn’t even make sense to do.”

His friend sighed while opening his book again.  “You spent too much time studying under Master Daymark.  You’ll end up like him if you’re not careful.  Old and alone.”  Aeramin flipped through a few pages, seemingly looking for something.

Sanimir twitched an ear.  Many mages spent more time on their studies than they did with women, but he didn’t think it was possible that it could happen to him.  Yet, here he was, providing portals for a beautiful woman, and not even thinking of doing anything else beyond talking to her.  She was nice to talk to, and it was rather refreshing to talk about things that had nothing to do with magical theory or spells.  Talking wouldn’t make him lose his work, unless the cripple was extremely paranoid, but then he wouldn’t have hired a male in the first place.

“Oh, here it is.”  Aeramin pointed to the middle of the page he was looking at in his book.  “I was wondering what you thought of this.”  He pushed the book towards Sanimir.

Sanimir read the paragraph.  He was thankful that the subject had turned back towards magic for the time being.


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