Theronil – Theronil’s Log

She said it was fine.  That usually means it’s not.  I’m not really sure what is fine.  Was it because I didn’t have the ring yet?  Or was it because I had asked Teniron to make it.  He did make it.  It’s exactly what I asked for.  It’s beautiful and perfect, just like Isandri, and I don’t know if she wants it.  If it was because I hadn’t picked it up yet then I can give it to her, and everything will be better.  If it was because Teniron made it then I don’t know what to do.

I sat on the wall at the landing a bit today.  It’s a quiet spot, and you get to see people coming in and leaving.  No one really bothers you there, they’re too busy coming and going.  I sit off to the side anyway.  I could see over the edge.  I realized that I’ve lived in Northrend for almost four years now, but I’ve only really ever seen Dalaran, and the tournament grounds.  I can’t even joust.

I thought about going somewhere, just for the night.  Sleeping with her without doing anything is driving me nuts.  I don’t really want to be away from her.  I’m staying here in Dalaran.  I’ll go insane if that’s what she wants.

I don’t know if Isandri really likes me much.  When I asked her to marry me, she wasn’t very enthusiastic about saying yes, although she did.  Maybe she only said it because she thought she was supposed to.

Now everything’s wrong.  I stopped by some of the jewelry shops.  I bought a different ring.  The guy selling it said the gems used were flawless, but I looked closer when I got home, under magnification, and the large one has a tiny flaw.  Jewelers usually know about these when they buy the gems.  I don’t think Isandri will notice.  I should have demanded to look at it under magnification in the store.  It doesn’t show.  The ring I bought cost four times as much as the materials and labor for the one I asked Teniron to make, and it’s not as nice.

I bought a necklace too.  I’ll enchant it the same as the other.  I think I can make it work with the same ring that I linked the other to.  She can decide which she wants to wear.  I wasn’t able to get anything as nice as what Teniron did.

She’s said things about my home being small as well, so I might need some money left over to move soon.

But if she hates me, I should send her back to her parents.  She can keep the rings and stuff.

I don’t know why I keep trying.


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