Teniron – The Ring

Teniron started at the knock on the door.  He took a deep breath, only happy that he hadn’t been startled more.  He hadn’t dropped any of the tiny pieces of wire he had been working into a chain.  “Come in.  It’s unlocked.”  He called out.  He expected Kit was coming to check on him.  Perhaps she was going to take him to find a real workshop.  He looked up from his work as the door opened.  “Oh, it’s you.”

His brother, Theronil, limped in and shut the door, only giving a slight eye roll to Teniron’s comment.  “Does that mean the ring isn’t finished?”

Teniron raised a brow while looking at his brother, then looked at the work he had in front of himself.  “Does it look like I’m working on it?”  He asked as he looked back at his brother, whom had taken to steadying himself with one hand on the cabinet by the door.

“No.  I left the materials for you.  I’m certain it wasn’t silver and… what’s the purple stone?”


“I left diamonds and rubies.”

“I know.  It’s finished.  Top drawer in the nightstand.”  Teniron nodded towards the nightstand before looking back down at his current work.

Theronil limped over to the nightstand, and took a small box out of the top drawer.  He opened it and frowned slightly while asking, “How much do I owe you for the work?”

Teniron raised a brow at his brother’s frown.  He thought it was some of his best work he had ever done.  It was especially good for not having done much recently.  He shrugged it off and answered the question.  “One hundred gold pieces.”

“One hundred?  I let you stay at my place to make it.”

“I worked two days straight on it.  I think I have more room to work in this inn than I did in your place.”  Teniron continued his work on the chain he was making.

“I’ll give you eighty.”

“One hundred.”  Teniron repeated, this time looking up from his work.  “It’s already at a discount.  I put about 25 hours of work in on that ring.”

Theronil frowned, but counted a few extra coins into another coin bag before dropping it on the corner of the table that Teniron was working at.

“Thank you.”  Teniron returned to his work.  “You know that Sath knows.”

“Great.”  Theronil frowned again.  “You saw him then?”

Teniron nodded.  “At the lounge last night.”

“How is he taking it?”

“Not very well.  I stuck up for you.  If you ask me, the guy has a few screws loose.”

“And I thought I was the only one that noticed that.”  Theronil frowned.  “What did he say?”

“Mostly he went on and on about how Isandri is making a mistake.  I agree with him that marriage is a mistake, for anyone, but he was saying that you can’t walk, and that you’re bad for her.”  He looked up at Theronil.  “But here you are walking, and if you’re a bad person, then what does that make me?”

Theronil continued to frown.  “You’re not that bad, but… could you tone it down when you’re around Isandri?”

“I haven’t done anything around her.”

“She thinks you have.  Could you please just watch what you say around her?”

Teniron shrugged, “Fine.”  He wasn’t sure what he had said, but he could watch what he says in the future.

“Thanks.”  Theronil frowned again before turning for the door.

Teniron nodded, “Bye.”  He frowned as the door closed.  If his brother was so happy about getting married, why wasn’t he smiling?  He shrugged to himself, and turned his attention back to his work.


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