Theronil – Letter to Isandri’s Parents

Master Quindar Silverdawn and Syriana Silverdawn,

I write to you today to ask permission to wed your youngest daughter, Isandri Silverdawn.  I have asked Isandri to be my wife, and would like to be officially engaged with your blessing.  I understand you may hesitate as she has an older sister whom is unwed, and it would not be traditional for Isandri to marry before her.  I am prepared to wait until things can be finalized for her older sister first.  I’m certain we would appreciate the extra time to plan as well.

I would ask that you consider allowing Isandri to stay in Dalaran.  I will make sure she has transport to and from her lessons daily.  I love her more than anything, and will provide the best for her.

Theronil Whitemorn



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