Latahlali – Diary Book

Dear Diary Book,

The kittens are getting bigger.  They’re all so very cute.  I’ve hardly left home at all because I’m busy helping Daemah take care of them.  Last night, Raleth convinced me that Daemah would be okay and that I should get out, so we went to the lounge together.

Kestrae was there.  It was good to see her again.  She said she’d take a kitten!  Raleth has agreed that we can keep Baby Pounce, so we only have to find homes for five of the kittens instead of all six, but still that’s a lot of kittens to find homes for.

Teniron showed up halfway through the night.  He had his hair done just like Theronil’s.  I thought it was Theronil at first, but he wasn’t limping and Theronil doesn’t wear the kind of armor that Teniron does.  Thero’s is a lot more flashy.  I usually see him in robes anyway.  I think it hurts him to wear armor or something.  Anyway it wasn’t that hard to figure out it wasn’t him, but it did fool me at first.  I guess it would be enough to fool someone who didn’t know them very well.  Like the innkeeper.  I’m not sure what exactly they were doing, but I guess Theronil went camping or something with Isandri, and Teniron is taking some other girl that looks like Isandri to the inn, and Kestrae is trying to distract Sath.  I think it would probably just be best if someone told Sath and let him be mad about that instead of doing all this elaborate work to keep him from finding out and then having him find out and be mad about that and the elaborate scheming.  I won’t tell, but I have a feeling he’ll find out eventually anyway.  That won’t be pretty.

Teniron had a ring that he made for his brother.  It was beautiful!  There was a nice design on the band itself and then there was a big diamond with smaller diamonds and rubies on the sides of it.  It’s really a pretty ring.  It must have cost a lot to make.  Teniron said he worked on it the entire time his brother was gone, so I guess it’s supposed to be ready when he comes back.  I can’t believe they’re moving so fast!

I mean, okay, Raleth and I moved fast, but that was different because we kind of already knew each other.

I asked Raleth about going to Stormwind.  He didn’t seem to like the idea, but he said I could go.  I have to write to him.  I’m not sure I’ll be staying there overnight, but I’ll write to him anyway..  I’ll have to ask Amyn how long we’d stay.  I know that some humans become mages so they must be able to make portals to Dalaran too.  Raleth was worried that something might happen and he wouldn’t be there.  Maybe I should hide a few daggers on myself, just in case.

I can’t wait to see all the dress shops there.  Raleth said Stormwind is bigger than Dalaran.  I can’t imagine how many shops they must have!  I’m going to look for some robes for Raleth, but he already has so many fancy ones.  Maybe I could find him a new pajama or  something instead.  Not that he ever winds up sleeping in one, but they’re fun to remove.

I wrote another letter to Vael.  I still haven’t heard anything back.  I hope nothing happened to him.  Maybe after I go to Stormwind, I’ll see if there’s some way to go there to look for him, or maybe just write to the supply camp and see if they’ve seen him.



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