Theronil – Theronil’s Log


  •  When you tell one lie, you need to tell 50 more to back it up.
  •  Don’t ask to see a girl.  Just ask to marry then figure it out later.  It’ll save you from having to explain why you don’t want to marry her first.
  •  Measure carefully.  Mark exactly.
  • Complicated books on the light make no sense.
  • Sleeping on straw isn’t very comfortable, however my leg is slowly beginning to feel better.
  • Sath’alor is… I don’t even have words to describe.  The rest of the family seems great.  I wonder if he has brain damage or something?
  • I don’t hate anyone, but if they hate me, I’m certainly not going to try to talk to them anymore.
  • Riding, even very slowly, is still painful.  Maybe it’s not getting better.  I need to get to a real bed.
  • Enchants sell for half as much in Silvermoon as they do in Dalaran.  Most of my money is in Dalaran though, and I needed some to buy a lute.
  • The lute is completely for myself.  It is not a gift.  I do need a certain beautiful woman to borrow it and learn to play though.
  • Fresh onions, really fresh onions, will make you cry no matter what.  Women will laugh at a man crying.  I saw that smirk.
  • I need to return to Dalaran soon.

Dalaran to-do list:

  • Find my brother
  • Try to reason with his drunk ass
  • Buy materials, maybe
  • Sell the rest of the enchanted scrolls at the right price
  • Pick up more medicine
  • Find Raleth
  • Hope everything goes smoothly

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