Latahlali – Latahlali’s Diary

Dear Diary Book,

Daemah has six kittens.  I hope we find someone to take them all.  They’re all really cute!  There’s one that looks just like Sir Pounce.  I’ve been calling him Baby Pounce.  I might ask Raleth if we can keep him.

I think Kes is going to take one.  Sora might too if she can get her instructor to agree.  I wonder if Makota would like one?  I should write to her and ask.  I forgot to ask Amyn if she would like one.

I saw Amyn in the park the other night.  I hadn’t seen her in a while, not since the wedding.  She said that Fnor has been sick, but is feeling better now.  I guess the death knight left him or something.  I wonder if the death knight made him sick?  It doesn’t seem that kissing a dead person would be very healthy at all.  Amyn said he said he was done with other women now.  I would yank Raleth’s ears so hard if he ever tried anything like that.  He wouldn’t though.  I guess Amyn and Fnor lived apart and were used to it for a long time though.  She said they’re moving into the main house though and they renovated and everything.  They might even have a wedding!  She said she was going to surprise him with it, but I thought she might want to ask him first.  I’m going to help her if she does have a wedding.  I know all of the best places to go for everything.  Except shoes, but the place I found was good enough.

My feet aren’t big.

It was so nice being able to talk to someone in Darnassian again.  Well, I can talk to Ellorian.  I know where he hides in the library.  I haven’t seen him at all for the past few days.

Come to think of it, Dalaran has been pretty quiet lately.

I haven’t seen Sora either.  I did see Teniron one night, but not since then.  I hope he’s okay.  He’s been fighting in the sewers.  Theronil has been going to Eversong a lot.  Kestrae and Sath’alor are still camping.  Vael hasn’t written back yet, but I don’t think he checks his mail every day.  Amyn, I’ve only seen just that once a couple of nights ago in the park, and I haven’t seen Ellorian at all.

At least Raleth hasn’t disappeared.  I’d go crazy looking for him if he did!

Amyn says Fnor hunts in Sholazar often, so she’s going to ask him to watch for Vael.  I don’t know where his camp is there, so I wasn’t able to give her any specific location.  I doubt he’ll see him.  Vael isn’t easy to find.

I was telling her that Teniron has been fighting in the sewers and that he might mess up his face if he does that too much.  She said that Fnor knows some really good healers that were able to help with some really horrible scarring.  Amyn said the healer was very expensive but did a very nice job.  So I thought of Theronil.  Maybe the healer could help him too.  Hopefully I’ll see him soon.  I’ll tell him he should talk to Fnor.

Amyn said it’s normal for boys to punch their brothers.  I thought it was horrible that Teniron had hit Theronil, but I guess if it’s normal… well, it’s still horrible.  The guy can barely walk sometimes.  I wonder if Raleth and his brother ever tried to beat up each other?

I’m pretty sure I want girls if I have babies.  I wish there were some way to choose!  Amyn didn’t know of a way though.  I’m sure she would have chosen some girls instead of having all boys if she could have.

Amyn said that Fnor’s sisters accept her.  I don’t think Raleth’s family would like me very much.  I worry what would happen if they were to visit unexpectedly.  I guess I’d try to tell them I’m the housekeeper or something, but then they’d want to meet his wife.  I should talk to Raleth about it, but I know he’ll just say they won’t come.

But what if they do?

I guess if he’s home, I’ll let him handle it, and if he’s not, then I’m the housekeeper.

Amyn asked me to go to Stormwind with her.  I’ve never been there.  I’ll have to talk about it with Raleth.



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