Theronil – Theronil’s Log

Meeting her parents went very well.  Very, very well.  I arrived at their house a little early, but that’s much better than being late.  I had set out early as I didn’t want to go too fast on the hawkstrider and wind up with a sore leg.  It had been feeling okay all day, but I feared sitting on the back of a racing hawkstrider would have been far too much for it.  So I rode slowly through Eversong.  It was calming, which worked nicely because I was very nervous.

I brought some wine from Dalaran, even though I wasn’t really sure if they took wine with their meals.  Isandri’s mother is a really great cook.  The roast was delicious.  I complimented her on it, of course.  We talked some during the meal.  They asked me a lot of questions.  I was really nervous, but I tried not to let it show too much.  I’m sure it did a little.

They asked all sorts of things about my past and present.  And future…  Her mother asked if we would be able to have children, while we were eating!  I almost choked.  I’m sure my ears turned a few shades of dark red.  I wasn’t really sure how to answer that!  I don’t have any sure proof that I can, but I think it works.  I don’t have children, but I’m sure it’s working the same as it always has.  I couldn’t say that at the table though.  I decided, after an awkward pause, to just say that the ghoul didn’t get that far.

I know they had reservations about my leg and the fact that I can’t walk very well all of the time.  Luckily, I think that’s the only thing I had going against me, except perhaps my brother’s reputation.  I don’t think they know about him, or the questions would have been ten times worse.  Isandri has met him.  Sath knows him, but he wasn’t there.

Honestly, if Sath were there, I’m not sure I would have had the patience to put up with him.  I had worried that he had learned his behavior from someone in his family, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.  They did ask a lot of questions, but they weren’t paranoid that I was lying to them.  I think I’m an honest person.  It kind of doesn’t sit very well with me that he continuously thinks I’m lying about everything.  Still, I need to try being friends with him, for Isandri’s sake.  I don’t have my hopes very high for that.

After supper, Isandri’s father and I went outside to target practice.  He told the same story about the ghoul explosion as he told inside at supper.  I think he might have been nervous too.  I like him.  He looks a lot like Sath, which was scary at first, but Quindar is a lot more likeable than his son is.  We talked about the war.  He shared his ghoul story, so I shared mine.  I think he was impressed that I still managed to take it out even after it got to my leg.

Although I was nervous, I managed to hit my mark with each shot.  Much better than the other night when Isandri was watching me.

We talked about Arelanis too.  She was rather noticeable, as soon as I left the house she started in on checking me over.  I signaled for her to stop, and stay.  I think he was impressed over how obedient she is.  She’s been with me for a long time though.

He did ask a few scary questions, such as, “What are you doing with Isandri?”  and “You haven’t done anything you’re not supposed to, have you?”

I answered everything truthfully.  I left out the ear rubbing.

I think he likes me.  He seems to anyway, and Isandri said she thinks he likes me.  Her mother seemed less sure, but as I helped with the dishes, she announced that I could see Isandri as long as she isn’t out too late.  Isandri mentioned later to me that her mother had asked her why I didn’t want to get married.  It’s not that I don’t.  I just don’t think Isandri is ready to say yes, and I want her to be ready, and happy.  A decision like that should be left to the two people involved, not her parents.

It’s good that they like me though.  When Isandri is ready, and I ask permission to marry her, they won’t argue against it.

I’ll need to go to Dalaran later today, but I’m hoping to stay in Fairbreeze for a few days after that, until she can come visit Dalaran again.  I should bring some of my work with me.  I think I’ll need to do extra since if it’s not the inn in Fairbreeze that I’m paying for, then it’ll be the inn in Dalaran.  I have a good amount saved up, but inn costs could go through it quickly if I’m not careful.


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