Theronil – Theronil’s Log

I received a letter from Isandri, and now I sit outside the Sanctum waiting for her.  I probably have some time to wait yet.  That’s okay.  There are benches here.  If I get hungry I can go to the restaurant too.

I spent last night in Fairbreeze.  She wasn’t at the spot where we usually meet.  I guess her parents were still talking to her then.  I left the necklace at the tree, in case she checked there.  I don’t know if she did.  She didn’t mention it in the letter.  I haven’t had any reaction from the ring, but then I only enchanted it to signal pain or extreme fear.  I would hope I never do get the reaction from it.  The stone should vibrate and warm up a little should she be in danger.  I’ll never take this ring off.  I only have to make sure she gets the necklace.

I brought Arelanis with me.  I almost left her behind in Dalaran for the night, but I don’t think she’ll cause problems.  She can wait outside as she does anywhere else.  She’ll feel better about it.  I know how much she would complain if I tried to leave her behind.

I’m going to have to try to talk to Sath’alor again.  Isandri thinks it would be a good idea if we tried to make amends.  I guess I can try one more time.  He never seems very open to doing so.  I’m sick of being made out to be the bad guy in his head.  Sometimes I just want to shake him and ask him what the fuck is wrong with him.  I tell him the truth, and he insists it’s a lie.  I try to be friendly.  He’s quite hostile.  I’d rather just ignore his existence.  I’ll try again with him though, for Isandri.

I shouldn’t let him get to me though, and I’m failing at that.  One of the things he said, that I can’t protect her, is lodged in my mind.  I do have the necklace now, in combination with the ring, I’ll know if she’s in trouble, but will that be enough?  I remember one bright sunny day about a decade ago where I was at my post, eating lunch with my brother whom had climbed up to eat with me and complain about his wife.  There had been upsetting news from towns from the south earlier in the day.  I didn’t know much other than we were all to be on alert.  We were talking about it when the call went out.  We were being attacked.  I told him to go warn our parents and help get everyone to safety.  I told him not to forget Solonnae.  He forgot everyone.  I fought with all I could to hold back the scourge, so that he would have time– So that everyone would have time to get to safety.  Well, I’m sure as fuck not going to rely on anyone else to protect Isandri.

But can I protect her alone?

If I had to redo that day, would I have left the wall?  Would I have run from my duty only to save the people I loved?

I hate being in Silvermoon.  I always think about it here.  I always think about everything here.  I don’t mind Fairbreeze.  I prefer Dalaran.

Raleth thinks I should move here to be with her.  He didn’t seem to understand.  Maybe she could move to Dalaran.  I’m sure I can find a mage that would accept payment to provide her with transport to her studies every day.  I would pay for that.

I can’t rush her though.

I’ll be meeting her parents at supper.  They haven’t said yes yet.


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