Latahlali – Lali’s Diary

Dear Diary Book,

I got my new book.  I mean obviously, since this is the first entry, but the cover is blue and I like the design on it so I thought I’d mention it.  I got it at the bookshop on the corner near the park.  That’s the same place I found magazines, but they keep those in a different room in the shop.  I didn’t look at those today.

Daemah should have her kittens soon.  I found a wooden crate that she’s fond of, and I put an old blanket inside it to line it and make it comfortable.  She sleeps in it all day.  Maybe I should move her food closer to it.

Raleth and I camped inside the other night.  We forgot to make a fire to cook on, but I think that’s probably okay because I’m not a very good cook, and he conjures good food, but I don’t think he knows how to cook either, so it was probably for the best.  We were warm enough anyway.  It’s never very cold in Dalaran to begin with.  He sewed one of the old blankets together to make a sleeping bag, and we put blankets up over chairs to make a tent.  It was really fun!

The sleeping bag wound up being a bit snug with both of us inside, but it was definitely interesting because we were both excited.  It was really easy to tell with him when he was stuck that close to me.  Anyway, it was hard to move so we had to be a bit creative.

In the morning, he got out first.  It was funny because he was wiggling out and at one point his parts were right in front of me.  I couldn’t stop myself because, again, it was really easy to tell he was excited.  So it took a little longer getting out of the sleeping bag than it should have.

I’ve started on my studies again.  I really like it when we sit together on the terrace and he reads while I practice.  It helps to know if I’m doing something wrong.

I wrote to Vael earlier today too.  I asked him if everything was okay and if he wanted a kitten.  I guess if he’s jumping on crocolisks to kill them a kitten might be too much.  I hope I hear back from him soon.



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