Theronil – A Letter Sent

Master Quindar Silverdawn and Syriana Silverdawn,

I write to you today to ask permission to court your youngest daughter, Isandri Silverdawn.  I am requesting permission to court with intent to eventually wed rather than asking for marriage right away as I believe marriage should be a decision reached between the two people whom it involves the most.  I already care deeply for Isandri, but I do not wish to rush her.  We have only just met after all.  I would like to wait until she is ready before asking permission to marry her.

Although we met in Silvermoon City, I do live in Dalaran.  I’m sending a copy of my bank transactions for the past few months, signed by a bank official.  As you can see I do make enough that should she choose to marry me eventually, she would live comfortably.  Expenses have been slightly more the past month or so, as my brother was staying with me.  He has since moved out.

You probably want to know a few things about me.  You may recognize my family name.  My parents owned a popular jewelry shop before the scourge attacks on Silvermoon.  It was fairly well-known.  I, myself, being the third child out of four, did not learn the family trade.  Instead, I picked up the bow, and eventually became a ranger in the service of the defense of Silvermoon.  I was injured during the scourge attack.  The injury was to my leg, and has left me with a permanent limp, leaving me unable to perform my duties as a ranger.  I am able to walk, and get about on my own, although my mobility is reduced.  I learned my current trade, enchanting, to continue being self-sufficient despite the injury.  I have remained active and am able to do most things that others can do.

I care for Isandri very much, and hope that you both see it fit to allow us to see each other.  You may reach me at my address in Dalaran.  If you would like to meet with me, that can easily be arranged.

Best Regards,
Theronil Whitemorn




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