Theronil – Theronil’s Log

I feel like a mammoth trampled my face.  My leg hurts more, and my back is sore too.  I need new furniture.

Yesterday, I received a letter from Kestrae.  I didn’t tell her which town I was staying in, so it came as a surprise.  I didn’t want anyone finding out where I was, and coming to bother me.  She managed to find me anyway.  I guess that’s a good thing after all.

I had to go back to Dalaran.  I had planned to later that day, but only for a brief hour or so.  Her letter made it a lot more urgent.  My idiot brother was planning a party in my home and had invited all of Dalaran by passing out flyers in one of the inns.  I left a note for Isandri where I’ve been meeting with her for the past few nights.  I left it in one of my books so that it wouldn’t blow away.  I hope she isn’t angry that I had to come back here.

The mage that I found to open the portal to Dalaran put me near where the lectures and seminars are held.  I picked up one of the schedules before going home.

Teniron was there.  He had been drinking, and it was only early afternoon.  I told him he couldn’t stay in my home if he was going to have parties when I’m not there, and asked for the key back.  He gave it to me then said he wasn’t having a party.  I told him I had seen the flyer, even though I hadn’t, then he owned up to it.  Then he went on to say he would have invited me if I weren’t off with some whore.

I punched him.

In hindsight, that was a bad idea.  He spit out a tooth, and got a little mad that I had knocked it out.  He pushed me.  I fell in the small space between the table and the couch, sideways, which kind of broke the table.  I think that’s how my back was hurt, but I can’t turn to see if it’s bruised or not.  Arelanis started going for him but I motioned for her to stay.  Thankfully she’s a very obedient dragonhawk, or he might not have left my place alive.

I thought it was over, but instead of just leaving, he bent over and punched me.  I heard Arelanis make a bunch of angry squawks and chirps, although she stayed where she was.  I think he realized that Arelanis was about to disobey my command for her to stay and he left.

I locked my door, and I went to see the healer.  They said I was fine, and that I should put ice on it.  So I found a frost mage to conjure some ice, and I went back home to make sure no people partied in my home.  A few people, and dancers, showed up, and I told them there was a mistake.  There was no party here.  I had just finished cleaning up the broken table when there was a knock on my door.  It was Sath’alor.  I figured he found out I was seeing his sister, and had come to beat me up too.  I had Arelanis unlock the door.  I thought I might as well get it all out of the way in one day.

He didn’t beat me up.  We actually had a nice talk.  Of course he doesn’t know it was a talk about his sister.

I’m a dead man when he finds out.

I suppose I should talk to her about that.  If she’s not angry with me for disappearing.  I did leave a note.

Raleth is back from his honeymoon with the kaldorei girl.  He stopped by last night with more ice, but all I wanted to do at that point was prop the ice over my eye with a pillow to support it, and fall asleep.  That’s exactly what I did too.  Hopefully he’s at the lounge tonight.  I’d like to talk to him.  I don’t think Sath really understands.

I wasn’t able to get out today.  I was in too much pain.  I should be able to make it to the lounge later, it’s close to my home so it shouldn’t be too bad going there.  Arelanis will go with me.

I sent her out earlier with a note to the locksmith to come change my lock.  I was told Teniron had an extra key made.  I can’t leave until it’s changed or he’ll just get in and cause trouble.  They sent a note that they’d be by tomorrow.



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