Theronil – Another Morning

He read the poetry aloud from the book.  The beautiful lady next to him lay her head on his shoulder and giggled.  He smiled back at her, and put his arm around her.  The sunset over the sea in the background as they kissed passionately.  Her hands wandered to undo his pants, and she slipped a hand inside.  He moaned softly as she took him in her hand, and…

Theronil Whitemorn opened his eyes as the late morning sun flickered into his room at the inn.  A slight breeze blew the curtains aside, then let them fall again.  It had been just a dream.  He sat up and reached for his satchel that he had left on the floor next to the bed.  He took out his log, though with his injury leaving him unable to be a ranger, it was more like a journal now.

He uncapped his ink and set it on the nightstand.  He began to write.

I saw Isandri again last night.  She’s so beautiful.  Everyday, I plan what I’ll say, and it all sounds perfect, then I get there, and I see her.  I forget everything, and wind up smiling awkwardly the whole night and feeling like an utter idiot.  No wonder she doesn’t want to kiss me.

The past few nights, I’ve dreamed of her.  Sometimes we’re just talking, but sometimes we kiss and do more.  I just wish I could kiss her for real.

I tried telling her more about my injury last night.  I don’t really like talking about it, but I feel like it’s something I should volunteer to tell her instead of waiting for her to ask, so I told her.  It doesn’t look very good.  She hasn’t seen it yet, but I wouldn’t want to gross her out by not telling her ahead of time.  I figure if I describe it now, she’ll know more of what to expect if she ever does see it.  Maybe we’ll go swimming this summer or something.  She might see it then.

I didn’t describe it fully, but she knows now that I’m missing some muscle mass.  There is enough left that I can walk, but I’ll never walk normally again.  I’ll always have this stupid limp, even on days it doesn’t hurt much.  The leg is weak.  I didn’t tell her about the deep scar down the one side, nor did I try to describe what missing muscle looks like.

It’s a horrible date topic, but one I’d rather get out of the way now.  I wouldn’t want her to hate me later, if it grosses her out.  It might anyway.  Then she would leave me, but at least I warned her.

I thought about my family last night.  I miss my sisters.  I bet Tedrelyn would have had some advice for me.  She usually had tons of advice.  Not all of it was wanted either.  On second thought, I guess it’s good I can’t ask her.  She’d just say that her family hasn’t bought anything at the shop so they must not have money.  She was always very concerned with money.  Thes might have been able to give better advice.

Teniron is horrible at advice.  I’m hoping my home is still in one piece.  I’m going to check on him today when I go pick up the schedule for the lectures they hold in that one building.  If we can find one that Isandri wants to attend, then she’ll have a reason to visit Dalaran.  I’ve already offered to pay for her expenses.

We talked about some other things, other than my leg and Dalaran.  We read some of the poetry book.  She had marked some of her favorites.  I liked them too.  I keep telling myself to act normal around her, to just be myself, but then I wind up being stupid and not knowing what to say.  She’s just so wonderful, I don’t want to say or do the wrong thing.

He recapped the ink, and closed the book.  He started changing out of his pajama when there was a knock on the door.  He quickly grabbed one of his robes, put it on, and answered the door.

“Theronil Whitemorn?”

He nodded.  “Yes?  That’s me.”

“A message for you, sir.”  The young man handed him a letter.  He thought it must be some mistake, but the envelope did have his name on it.

He looked at it curiously as he took it.  “Thank you.”  He said to the man before closing the door.  He opened it and began reading.

“Fuck.”  He continued reading, holding the letter with one hand, and putting his other hand over his mouth.  He muttered a few more obscenities into his hand as he read the next few sentences.

He had to go.  He finished reading the letter.  Kestrae was right.  He had to find a way to tell Isandri.  He couldn’t go to the sanctum.  Sending a letter to her home would be out of the question.  He twitched an ear as he grabbed a paper and started writing.

My Dearest Isandri,

I’ve received word from Dalaran this morning, and I may need to stay there a day or two.  I’ll pick up the schedule while I’m there, but it may be a couple of nights before I am able to bring it to you.  You will be on my mind the entire time.

Longing to see you again,

He tucked the letter into his satchel and left the town on his hawkstrider.  He made a quick stop next to a tree on a hill by the sea, leaving the letter there, tucked into a book about enchanting that he had been reading.  It wouldn’t blow off in the wind, and she would notice the book.  She should get the letter.

He frowned as he rode his hawkstrider back towards Silvermoon City to find a mage to send him to Dalaran.


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  1. That’s not how it happened, Thero!

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