Theronil’s Log

I’m such an idiot.  Twice an idiot actually.  Not only am I scared to tell her how I really feel about her, but I talked to Teniron about it.

I met with Isandri again last night.  She’s so beautiful and sweet.  It’s hard to believe that Sath is her brother.  I wanted to tell her how much I like her.  I’m an idiot.  I don’t want to scare her off.  I don’t know if she likes me that much.  I don’t know how to tell her.

So I talked to Teniron.  I told him I’ve been talking to a girl, and that she’s been talking to me.  I told him that I liked her a lot, but I wasn’t sure if she liked me.  Then I asked how to tell if she liked me.  He said if she stops charging you… then he added that discounts might count too, depending how much the discount was for.  I don’t think he really understood, and now he’s just going to laugh about it every time he sees me.  I locked my bedroom door and packed my bags.  I might be staying in Fairbreeze for a few days.  He didn’t see me leave.  Maybe he’ll be gone when I get back.  I hope he doesn’t trash the place.

Then there’s the added complication of her being the sister of Sath’alor.  I don’t know what he has against me.  I was friends with Kes, nothing more, but he’s made all these things up in his head.  I feel like I’ll have to tell her about that too, but I’m afraid that will scare her off too.  But if I don’t tell her then she might just be angry later.

I talked to Arelanis about it too.  She was better to talk to than Teniron, but not enough to really help.



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