Theronil – Theronil’s Log

I would have thought it had been a dream.  I was drunk last night, again.  Two nights in a row.  I had went to the lounge just to have one, to relax.  My medicine was finally beginning to work again, and I could walk well enough to get there.

Teniron and Sath’alor were there.  Teniron is welcome to move out anytime he wants.  He can hardly judge me.  They thought it was wrong that I asked him to make something for Sora.  I have no intention of letting her know it’s from me.  I shouldn’t have told them.  I certainly don’t want her to get the wrong idea, especially after what else happened last night.

I got up to leave to go home.  I had waited a bit and was mostly steady on my feet at that point.  I checked my mail on the way.  My heart skipped a beat as I opened the letter that I received and read it.  She wrote back.  Isandri wanted to meet with me.

I almost didn’t go home, but I did have the presence of mind to make sure my hair was okay and that I looked good before heading out to find a mage.  I hurriedly checked my hair and put some apples in my bag for Arelanis.  She had waited outside the lounge all that time.  I found a mage at the library, and was outside Silvermoon City minutes later, looking for the place where she said she would meet me.

I found her where she said she would be.  She was so beautiful, sitting next to the tree on a hill overlooking the sea.  If I had died right then, I would have died happy, knowing the last person I saw was the most beautiful I had ever seen before.  She was reading a book, but she put it down as soon as she saw me.  We talked for some time, until it was late and she had to go home.

I thought I was dreaming.

I woke up in the inn in Fairbreeze Village.  I wasn’t in my bed at home.  I hadn’t passed out and made it all up in my mind.  It really happened.

I also woke up in extreme pain.  My medicine was in Dalaran, and I had to ride a hawkstrider back to Silvermoon City to find a mage to get back to Dalaran.  I could barely walk.  My muscles had cramped in such a way in my injured leg that I found it impossible to relax them.  Riding was a little bit easier, but not much.

I managed to get home.  Teniron was awake.  For some reason he had bothered to worry about me last night because I wasn’t home.  I told him not to worry about me.  Then he proceeded to lecture me about getting drunk.  Him!  I couldn’t believe it.  I told him he was a guest in my home, and I could come and go as I pleased, and as long as I’m able to pay the rent, I can drink now and then.  He said he was worried because it was two nights in a row.

At least he’s almost finished with the necklace.  I might ask him to make another.

I was able to take my medicine at least.  It didn’t kick in right away, but I left home.  It still hasn’t really kicked in.  I probably need to rest so the muscle can stop knotting up.  But Teniron wasn’t shutting up, and I needed to run some errands, so I left.  I remembered to grab Arelanis’s ball before going.

I was able to find some books that I think Isandri will like.  I can’t wait to see her again.  My leg still hurts, but I’ll make it to see her.



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