Sanimir – The Practical


Sanimir yawned at the end of his hour.  He had managed to answer all of the questions, hopefully correctly.  Two of the questions he knew he knew better than he could explain right now, the lack of sleep was nearly disabling at this point.  He put the pen down as soon as the magistrix opened the door.

“Leave the paper on the table.  Follow me.”

He did as she said, following her to another room.  He stifled a yawn, rubbing his eye with his palm instead while the magistrix’s back was still turned to him.

She turned to face him.  “Your practical exam will take place in this room.  We will duel here.”  Sanimir’s eyebrow shot up.  The magistrix noticed and nodded with a smile.  “The purpose is not for you to win, rather it is to display your spell proficiency.  You should use a variety of offensive and defensive spells.  There is a dampening field being maintained around this room for the duration of the test.  You need not worry about being injured, nor causing me any harm, although you may feel the effects of some of the spells.  This is intended, and will work against me as well.  You may cast any spells from any of the acceptable schools of magic.  Do you have any questions?”

Sanimir shook his head.

“Good.  Let us begin.”  She raised her hand.

Sanimir jumped out of the way.  The ice lance spell she had cast towards him dissipated just before hitting the wall.  He started simple with an arcane blast sent towards the magistrix.  She raised a mana shield around herself, absorbing the spell as she began to cast another.  Sanimir quickly raised his own mana shield and teleported to the other side of her.

The magistrix smiled, and began to cast again.  This time a frost bolt hit Sanimir squarely in the chest, knocking him off his feet.  He rolled away from where he landed just as another frost bolt landed where he had been.  He casted a series of arcane barrages at the magistrix, bringing down her shield and hitting her successfully.

The duel went on.  He was tired, but he managed to keep casting.  More than once, he recast his shields and wards only a moment too late.  Towards the end, he was exhausted.  The magistrix ordered a stop.

“Wait here.”  She left the room.  Sanimir could hear her speaking to someone one in the hallway.  He knew his performance had been less than desirable today.  His casts had been slow, and his reaction time was slack.  The magistrix returned.

“You need to learn to pace yourself.  During the practical you seemed to be floundering for enough to cast your next spell.  Your written half of the test was satisfactory.  You need more practice before anyone will consider you a good mage, but the magister and I agree that you are ready to leave your apprenticeship behind you.”  The magistrix smiled slightly.  “Congratulations mage.”



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