Theronil – Taking a Chance

Theronil sat on his bed, and took the paper out of his satchel.  He stared at it as the tapping in the other room started up again.  He twitched an ear.

“I hope you’re not denting the table again!”  He yelled.  Teniron probably wasn’t listening, and probably didn’t care if he did hear.  Theronil hoped he was at least working on what he had asked him to.  The tapping continued.  His ear twitched again.

He looked back at the paper.  Isandri.  Teniron had probably already written to her, and invited her to go somewhere with him.  Theronil shook his head.  If he had already written, then it was clear who would get a response.  He crumpled up the paper and threw it at the door.  The tapping continued.

He sighed heavily.  He rested his elbow on his good leg and lowered his aching head to his hand.  He had too much to drink the previous night, and was paying for it now.  It didn’t help that he normally did not drink.  He learned that wasn’t such a good thing to do from watching his older brother.  The tapping continued.  Theronil fell back on the bed, and covered his head with the pillow.  He couldn’t very well complain when his brother was finally getting his life back on track.

“At least he can.”  Theronil mumbled into the pillow.  He tossed the pillow aside and sat up again.  His eyes rested on the paper on the floor next to the door.

What if Teniron hadn’t written?  What if he had already forgotten about Isandri?  He frowned.  Then her brother would surely beat him up for trying to see his sister, but it would prove once and for all that he was just friends with Kestrae.  Was it worth it to get beat up just to prove friendship?  No, but it was worth it to get a chance to know Isandri better.

He pulled himself to standing and limped to where the wad of paper sat on the floor.  He steadied himself with a hand on the wall as he bent and picked the paper off the floor.  He sat at his small desk near the door, and uncapped his ink.

He wouldn’t know unless he tried.

Dear Isandri,

Hello.  You probably don’t remember me.  I was at Raleth and Lali’s wedding.  I was the one that can’t walk very well.  I wore my polished gold armor, and we talked for a short time before you started talking to my brother someone else.  I’d like to meet with you again, if you would.  Would an afternoon in the park interest you?  I can travel to Silvermoon City if you can’t make it to Dalaran.

With warmest regards,
Theronil Whitemorn

The tapping continued.  He folded the letter, and hurried to mail it before he changed his mind.



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