Theronil – Theronil’s Log

Teniron has turned my table into his work station.  I can’t say too much, I guess.  It is what I wanted.  I just didn’t want all the marks on the table.  He was able to work what I gave him into some things that he sold, without telling me first.  He apparently hired the dancers for Raleth’s bachelor party with the money.

I have to hand it to him.  I didn’t think he’d do anything with the stuff I gave him, not after all the complaining he did.

Now he’s working on something else.  He won’t tell me for who or what he’s doing.  He said it’s a secret.  I double checked where I hid my gold from him this time, and it was still there.  Someone else actually gave him the money for the materials.  There are some really nice purple gemstones that he’s been cutting too, but I can’t get too close or he tries to cover everything up.  He keeps saying he has a deadline to meet so I decided to go to the library, and let him work.

I hope Kestrae talked to Sath’alor about that.  I really don’t want to get beaten up.

Teniron has sorted out the dancers as well.  He said he had a troll woman lined up, but no one else thought that was a good idea.  He really makes me wonder sometimes.  Maybe he hit his head when he was in training or something.  Anyway, he’s cancelled the troll, and managed to find a sin’dorei lady to dance for us.  That’s along with the kaldorei woman he had already found.  He thinks Raleth might like that more.

I don’t know.  He might complain more.

Last word was the grandfather still hadn’t said he was going.  I’m still wearing my armor.  It’s better safe than sorry, and I can’t run.


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