Latahlali – Wedding Diary

Dear Wedding Diary Book,

I lit the candle!  And it stayed lit!  I did it a few times in a row.  I can’t wait to show Raleth.  I think he’ll be so happy.

Tonight will be our last night together before the wedding.  I know I’ll have the party and all of my friends with me tomorrow night, but I’m still going to miss him a lot.

I still haven’t heard from Vael, at all.

Last night I saw Sora at the lounge.  They had dancers there last night, and it was really too crowded, and I think a lot of people were drunk or something.  Usually it’s only five people and they stay over on the one side of the lounge.  Last night there was like twenty people.  Some of them were dancing on the tables!  Sora and I left.  I don’t think Raleth went looking for me there last night.  He was reading on the couch when I arrived home.

Sora is really excited about the party and the wedding.  I wasn’t sure about her when I first met her.  I mean, she is undead.  I always thought undead was a really bad thing to be.  I mean it is, but Sora isn’t a bad person because of it.  And she is a person.  She isn’t just some undead thing that wants to make everything else undead.  She’s a real person.  I like her.

We talked mostly about the party last night.  I know Kestrae has been looking for some magazines, but I found one with lots of men in it.  Well, it has some women in it too, with the men.  I think they draw those things bigger than they really are.  I mean if they were really that size, no one would want to do that, well no females would want to do that.  Sora said that it stretches so it would fit, and she said that babies fit coming out.  I pointed out that babies hurt.  But that all made me wonder if Raleth is small or if he’s just average or maybe even big.  I mean, they must draw those bigger, there’s no doubt.  I think I should ask Kestrae what the normal size is.  I’ll have to measure Raleth too.  Of course, it’s just curiosity.  The only thing I have to compare is once I interrupted a male tauren bathing.  That was big.  Raleth’s is perfect for me.

I need to remember to ask if someone can keep an eye on Daemah and feed her while Raleth and I are away on our honeymoon.  She eats a lot.  Sir Pounce needs food too.

I’m still really nervous and excited.


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