Jaeyn – Letter to Ellorian

Dear Father,

Hi!  I hope everything in Dalaran is going well.  Are you still spending a lot of time in the library there?  I like reading too, but not all day.

Vassanta and I celebrated our anniversary.  We might be late celebrating it.  We’re not sure when to count from, so we decided it should be when we noticed each other and knew we liked each other.  We had a good time killing pirates to celebrate.  She wore a dress too, but I made sure she changed before going to the place with the pirates.  It’s easier to kill pirates at night because most of them are asleep.  I found lots of jewelry for her.  She looked like a jewelry queen when we were done!

I was wondering if you could help us get to Shattrath.  We would like to visit our floating islands on Draenor, and start building some of our things that we wanted.  I already asked someone to watch our home while we’re gone, but usually the ogres don’t come inside so everything should be safe anyway.  Would you be able to do that?  We would want to visit our home from time to time too, so you’d probably hear from us a lot!

I haven’t heard from mother lately, other than she went to Darnassus.  That was a couple of months ago though.  I guess she’s happy that all of her children have found mates.

I hope everything is good, and I hope to hear from you soon!

Love from your son,


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