OOC – Drawing Live Again

I’ll be starting up Livestream in about 5 minutes.  I’ll be drawing a draenei today.

Link is here!


Line art is finished!  Here is the video.

And here is the end result, so far.

Colors to come another day!




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4 responses to “OOC – Drawing Live Again

  1. yaay! I got to watch, but when I went to say “hi” the stream stopped. Doogan says, “You broke it!” He’s helpful. I have an account now, so I can chat next time!

    • Hehe, I saw another viewer enter, but then I checked the list and it was just me XD Must have been you!

      I’m please with the way Phaa looks so far. Tell me if there are any revisions that need to be done! 🙂

      I’ll probably work a bit on flats either later today or tomorrow morning.

  2. Charming lady. If I had to point out anything, it would be that her right arm seems a bit thicker than her left. Are you planning on putting in background and/or special effects?

    • Thank you, I was just messing with the line art before streaming this morning. I’ll see what I can do about the arm. I’m planning to color her today, shading probably won’t be until tomorrow, and I’ll probably do a screenshot manip in photoshop for the background.

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