Latahlali – Wedding Diary Book

Dear Wedding Diary Book,

The invitations have been ordered.  They said I could pick them up early next week, so everyone should get theirs on time.  I’m so excited.  I was starting to think I’d just be planning forever and it wouldn’t ever really happen, but now it is.

I’m nervous about it too.  I’m worried that something could go wrong.  I’m worried that Vael will show up, but I’m worried that he won’t show up too.  I want him to, but I don’t want him to hurt anyone, especially Raleth.  If he doesn’t show up though, I don’t know.  I think it would be a really hurtful thing for him to do.  He could show up and be happy for me.  That would be nice.

That won’t happen.

I’m going to send him an invitation.  I asked Raleth to check the park for him before going with everyone else, as I don’t want Vael to be the first one to show up at the real meeting place.  Raleth will be safer if he’s with other people.  I would have asked Vael to show up where I’ll be, but I’ll be at Kestrae’s place and I don’t think she wants him to know where she lives.  I don’t think Ellorian would be too happy about it either.  He isn’t too thrilled to be my transport, I can imagine if I tried to bring another “commoner” with me.

I hope he doesn’t make a fuss about Sora going.

We’ll be teleporting to one of the buildings so that I’ll be inside, and Raleth won’t see me before the ceremony starts.  I should ask Ellorian if he could make a portal from one of the buildings to the wedding site, so I don’t have to walk all of that distance when everyone is ready.  Then Ahali could just wait at the bottom of the ramp and walk up with me.  I think Ellorian still needs to go there with Raleth so he knows how to make the portal there.  I don’t want the location known by anyone too soon though.  So that can wait a little longer.

I went to order the flowers yesterday.  Raleth had told me the night before that he didn’t need flowers, but then the flower shop said that the men usually pin a flower on.  I told Raleth that he had to go order his own because I didn’t know what would match because I don’t know what he’s wearing.  The flower shop knows what I’m getting so they can help him make sure he chooses the right one.  I hope he doesn’t forget.  We did get distracted right after talking about that.

He has such perfect ears.



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