OOC – 30 Days of WoW: Day 29

Day 29 — Something you worked really hard to get.

To reiterate yesterday’s post, in which the Lich King is one of my favorite fights, but one of my least favorite as well… I think the thing I’ve worked hardest to get are the Light of Dawn and Bane of the Fallen King titles.  6 months of wiping 50 times a week due to poor raid comp… Yeah.  Of course, now people just waltz in and get it in pugs.  I guess I can point at the date I earned mine, but the title itself has lost its prestige.  Even my fail druid has Bane as well as a couple of my other characters.  I could get Light of Dawn on all of them too, but I just don’t want to go back.  But as far as the question goes, I worked hardest on that, when it was current content.

/grumblemode off…

On that note, I’m eagerly waiting for MoP so I can go back and do hardmodes in Cata and gather more titles. 😀

I think a close runner-up would be the Loremaster title, which I had pre-Cata.  The last few quests in Kalimdor were killer to find as it wasn’t by zone until after Cata.  I still have to go back and get all the zone achievements now with all the new quests. 🙂

I could have chosen a lot of different things for this post.  Jaen/Jaene/Jaeyn has done a lot!


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