Latahlali – Wedding Diary

Dear Wedding Diary Book,

He found my old friends!  Raleth went to Mulgore and told them where I was and brought them here.  Ahali, Rohau and Makota stopped by to visit last night.  They’ll be in town for a few days.  I’m sooooo excited.  It’s been years.  We have so much to catch up on.  I hope to see Makota later tonight.  Her mother died when orcs mistook her for a real bear.  I should do something to remember her, but I don’t know what I can do in Dalaran.

I can hardly believe he found them.  I was a little tipsy when I gave him the names.  I remember someone suggested we look for tauren to do the wedding ceremony and I gave Raleth the names of my old friends.  I was so out of it that night.  I didn’t even remember that I did that right away.  I had to think about it then it came back to me.

And they came to Dalaran.  I can’t believe he convinced Ahali to come here.

I do have concerns though.  I mean, I know Ahali means well, but he’s calling me a child too and telling me that I should go home to Mulgore.  I’m not so sure I would be safe there anymore.  My parents moved closer to Ashenvale for a reason when the orcs came.  They didn’t think it was safe anymore.  I suppose it never will be, not as long as the orcs are around.  They killed my parents and they killed Makota’s mother.

Ahali says I should come home and be around familiar people.  He doesn’t think Raleth can teach me properly, and he didn’t seem too happy to learn that I’ve only known Raleth for a few months.  I don’t think Rohau approved much either, judging by the look on his face.  They didn’t think I should be with a sin’dorei either, and didn’t understand why I would want to have a wedding with one.

I keep hearing these things from everyone, and I start to wonder if I am making a mistake.  Maybe I am too young.  Maybe I should be with familiar people.  Look at all the trouble I’ve caused for Vael, and now he won’t even talk to me anymore.


I love Raleth.  Everything feels right when I’m with him.  It can’t be a mistake when it feels so right.  I know I’m young, but I’m fully grown and big enough to make my own decisions.

I want to be with Raleth.



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