Theronil – Theronil’s Log

I’ve had a few rough days.  The pain was getting worse again, and aside from going to the different taverns and begging them, again, not to serve my brother, I stayed at home for the most part.  Arelanis took my books back to the library, and picked up some news ones that I had asked for, as she often does on my worse days.

Yesterday, I could finally walk a little better.  I was able to take Arelanis to the park in the morning.  I bought her extra apples.

Teniron is still causing problems.  He keeps finding ways to get alcohol.  I can’t keep any money at home.  He’ll find it and spend it.  Now he’s taking things, and selling them for gold so he can buy himself something to drink…. and whores.  I can only hope I never see that again.  You would think he’d try to be a little more discreet, or at least give me some kind of warning.

I went to the lounge last night.  Kestrae and Raleth were there, then the kaldorei girl showed up too.  Something seemed to be wrong.  The kaldorei girl drank more than I think Teniron could in one sitting.  She kept saying everything was okay.  It obviously wasn’t.  They’re still looking for someone to marry them.  Sath’alor may have a sister that can help.

I hope they find someone soon before her crazy grandfather kills everyone.  The more time he has to plan, the worse it will be.  Hopefully, I’m just being paranoid.

I think Teniron may have spoken with Kestrae, that still doesn’t explain where she got the hairpin though.  That particular design was one of my mother’s favorites.  Even if Teniron told her they were jewelers, which he doesn’t like talking about them at all to begin with, he definitely wouldn’t have any pieces left.

I’m tempted to try to trust him and get him working in it again.  It’s scary giving him gold and gems though.  Maybe if I can convince the last few taverns not to serve him, I’d be more open to spending money to get his materials.



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