OOC – 30 Days of WoW: Day 11

Day 11 — Your favorite gear set.

I’m going to do this by class since I don’t think I can choose an overall favorite.  There are too many nice ones to choose from.  Unfortunately, a couple of classes don’t really have great gear sets, so that made it even more difficult to choose. XD

Death Knight –  Tier 8 obviously.  The starter gear, both the greens and the blues that you earn while doing the quests, are also nice sets, but nothing screams “Death Knight!” more to me than tier 8.

Dinadrian Boughtender models the tier 8 set in MogIt. Jaellynn has the full set, but I didn't feel like switching accounts.

Druid – Druid sets, I like a lot of them.  A lot of times I find myself liking one element of one set and another in another set.  The nicest thing about druid sets is that they’re often green or brown and tend to match other druid sets.  That, of course, makes it easier to choose one element from one and another from a different set when going for tmog or IC gear.  But this post is about actual sets, not things thrown together from different sets.  As a full set, I think I like tier 11, normal mode coloring, the most.  Of course, it gets no points for matching the other sets very well, but I love the shoulders.

Terivanis Summerleaf models tier 11, non-heroic color.

Hunter – I’m going to go with tier 8.  I like tier 5 too, but I can’t stand the helm.  The tier 8 helm is kind of funny.

Theronil Whitemorn models stuff that he doesn't have, but my other level 85 hunters do.

Mage – This was one of the more difficult choices.  There are so many nice mage sets.  I’ve always liked tier 6 mage so I’m going with that.

Ellorian Melith'enddare models stuff that he does have. He has a belt that matches better though.

Paladin – Tier 4, because draenei look good in it.

Daanus is such a poser.

Priest – Priest has a lot of nice sets too.  I went with tier 6, with tier 13 and tier 8 following closely behind.

Kelanori Summerleaf models tier 6.

Rogue – A lot of the rogue sets are fugly.  I mean really fugly.  Tier 6 is okay, but I’m going to choose tier 8 for this, the shoulders make it worth it.  Just hide the helm!

Vaelarian Ashclaw models tier 8. He should have hid the helm!

Shaman – Tier 7, 25 man coloring.

Neeah has this set, except the gloves. Anyone want to run Naxx-25?

Warlock – Tier 8, of course.

Jainn of the Hyjal server says "Hi" in tier 8.

Warrior – Again, another class with fugly sets. =P  I went with tier 5, although I despise the helm, and I actually like the green recolor a bit more (sans hat).  This is a set thing so I’m sticking with sets!

Aerrissa Summerleaf models tier 5. I almost want to get it for her now. I have a feeling that if I did, only the hat would drop... haha.





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